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Little Penguin Princess
I love my friends truckloads okay. Just so u know, i lurrveeeeee bubblegum. It's my drug, I chew it everyday. Ask me to blow a bubble and I'll gladly agree, i'm awesome at it. It might burst in your face so take coverrrrrrrrrr. Anythings else? Just check my blog once you free.
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My Valentine's Day Monday, February 18, 2013 2:34 PM | 0 notes

How time flies. What has February brought you so far ? And Happy Valentine belated everyone, I know I'm late. Really hard to find time to update my blog, until today. Sight~ Just a short update for today. Nothing special for my valentine this year, honestly for me Valentine's day is just a normal day. I reallyyy don't mind it. That's why I didn't buy present for my boyfie. *one way to save my money* muahahaaaaa 

He bought me Baby G watch that I have been lusting for so longggg. Finally received it as my Valentine's present. Yeahhh~ Superb duper happy when I saw it. Thank you so much for the present, I know I'm the lucky one to have you in my life. Okayy, no more sweet words. LOL Cause I know he will read my blog.  So, that's enough. *grin* 

p/s  Will try to update my blog frequently after my trip. Then I'll come back with a lotsss of photos to share with you. Yeah, stay tuned darlingsss. I'm already off to holiday for one week. Haha Don't envy yea.    

Little Penguin Princess
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