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Little Penguin Princess
I love my friends truckloads okay. Just so u know, i lurrveeeeee bubblegum. It's my drug, I chew it everyday. Ask me to blow a bubble and I'll gladly agree, i'm awesome at it. It might burst in your face so take coverrrrrrrrrr. Anythings else? Just check my blog once you free.
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The LEGOLAND Monday, December 31, 2012 5:29 PM | 0 notes
HELLO sweethearts, the past two weeks has been a whirlwind. My December is so much happening, birthday parties, company party & X'mas celebration, and I just came back from a flash trip. 

Last weekend, I went to Legoland with my friends. Legoland is a chain of Lego-themed theme parks in Johor. So let's start my story~


#2   Wearing my favorite earring with England flag, brought this from BKK

#3   My OOTD for day one, Top & pants brought from BKK

#4   We stayed in Hotel Sentral Johor Bahru for three days two nights, it's located in Tanjung puteri, and just about 7km from Johor to Singapore causeway. And just a few minutes away from the hotel to Stulang Laut duty free zone. The room is quite big and with comfy bed.

#5   Our driver, Raymond. I don't think he will know I posted this photo in my blog. *grin*

#6   Nothing special for my day one actually, after checked in hotel then we walked around the City Square shopping mall.

#7   My OOTD for day two

#8   While on the way to Legoland~

#9   Snap with my darling

#10   I'm in love with this photo, no ps no edit at all. Muahaha~ definitely original. Sui boh?

#11   Typically group photo before entered the theme park.

#12   Posing king definitely will be him LOLZ


#14   Handsome ma??? Leng zai ma???

#15   Hey sexy ladyyy~

#16   Something like bumble car, but this is more cool than bumble car lor, haha too bad that's only for kids, whyy dont have adult bumble car? WHY???




#20   Both of them are so sweet right???

#21   The show was awesome, I can't close up my mouth when watching the show...






#27   Carmen and me


#29   Almost everything is hands-on, they are so creative man~


#31   Lego KLCC is super cute here



#34   That's all for my legoland trip. I'm so sorry that I didn't write much for this post, I'm sick today, my mind goes off, can't think of what to say. By the way, today is the last day of 2012, how you spend your day? with lover or family? Hope you guys enjoy your day.

Little Penguin Princess
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