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Childhood童年♥ Monday, July 18, 2011 1:45 PM | 0 notes

The girl who wearing yellow mini skirt is ME

Dear readers,

Sorry for the hiatus again. I know i gotta update my blog, so i'm here to blog. Recently, i have no stuff to post at here. My blog is getting dead right? Yea, i know it. (T.T) Just started my new sem in this month, a little bit disappointed because  didn't make any new friend in class. Not only me, xid xid (my best classmates) also agree what i said just now. 

Hahaaa, This few weeks i have no place to go, just stay at home spend my time with my korean drama, i addicted on it. Even weekends, i feel very lazy to go out and due to my body is not feeling well, so ask my boyfriend company me watch together. How lucky, he is willing to company me stay at home watch drama with me. He is such a good boyfriend. *chuckled* Really, that's a compliment. And i'm such a good girlfriend too. =D  I know you guys 100% don't believe me, when i say "I'm such a good girlfriend too" , especially the 3 sampat gurls, sure shaking their head in front of the screen. Anyway, i am. Muahahaaaaa  =)

Alright then, i'll see you guys next time. I gotta busy my stuff first, see you guys. Promise you all, next post will be more interesting. Yeahhhh~

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