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Dolly Wink ❤ Thursday, July 7, 2011 11:01 PM | 0 notes

I think is been long time didn’t update my make up post. So, today will write a short post for this. Gals who always like big eyes like doll, and me too.  

I guess everyone of you know "Dolly Wink"  brand from Japan. It consists of several different fake eyelashes names like "Dolly Sweet", "Sweet Girl", "Baby Cute" & "Pure Little", All products are insanely  cute packaging. All of these products have the goal of helping gals reach the near nirvana state of "adult cute", which is the concept of Tsubasa's Dolly Wink brand.  

I purchased Dolly Wink No. 8 "Pure Little" and cant wait to share with you guys. Tsubasa are really influence me. And today i'm gonna try Dolly Wink No. 1 "Dolly Sweet" for upper eyelashes and Dolly Wink No. 8 "Pure Little" for my bottom eyelashes. I like Dolly Sweet because it wont so thick, i don't want my eyes becomes so heavy, just wanna make it natural as i can.  

Dolly Wink No. 1 Dolly Sweet

Dolly Wink No. 8 Pure Little

Is time to camwhore~

Am i look like a doll??? 

Get closer to see my eyes clearly

My eyebrows turned brown dy, so how? Nice?? I choosed the color like my hair color, so is light brown.

End with this photo. I really love myself when i'm long hair, not only love myself, i love long hair gals too. 
So envy with their long and soft hair. So gals, better take care your hair, must do treatment after you color your hair.  

Really hope that you will like this post. Is going to eleven o'clock and i still haven't bath yet. "Smelly" 

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