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Company trip @ Cameron Highland Wednesday, July 14, 2010 2:12 PM | 0 notes
2 days 1 night in Cameron Highland again, but this time is company trip.

 One Malaysia ~

My colleagues

Bring along my sisTa join our trip. Snap this in the bus, Are we two look alike??

Reached there almost 12 afternoon, so after had our lunch. We straight away headed to Rose Garden
  Kak Ain & Me

Photographer by : Abbie

Three of us ^^

Angie~ Abbie~ Annie

After while, we headed to the next station : Tea BOH

Snap this while in the Tea Boh

Raining time, dammm Cold here~~~

Apparently, I’m in the hotel. Took a rest in the hotel, then we had steamboat dinner at night. 
Cold weather + steamboat = Perfect
 Went to night market together with 2 sisTa and kak Ima. Look, my little sisTa eating ice cream.
Comel sekali ~~~
I bought sweet potatoes and strawberry for my supper, kaka.

The Next Day

Wake up in 6 o'clock and was on the line with my baby boy, he havent sleep yet.= =
Who are the one always call me sleep early, and he late sleep.
my bad boy

1st station : Strawberry farm

Have a look here, organic orange from Cameron Highland. 
How big is that!!! My boob doesn't big like that, sad laaaa ~~~

You can pick strawberry by your ownself. The strawberry are freshhhh

2nd Station : Bee Farm

Imma Bee Queen

The workers were taking honey from the small box

3rd Station : Cactus Point

Imma sunflower ^^

4th Station : San Bao Wan Temple

How a cute little gurl, she keep on wanna hug us and ask for take photo.

5th Station : Sungai Panas & Sejuk

I know you are wondering bout the name, "Sungai Panas & Sejuk",

The water is cold, but when you put your foot inside the sand, you will feel hot
Amazing right???

My dear kak Ain

The auntie from the left hand side, who is screaming, is our tourist guide. 
 We call her Mrs Bean, because she is dammm funny.

Not satisfied for this trip at all
Because when i feel cold,
my baby boy not around me.


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