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I love my friends truckloads okay. Just so u know, i lurrveeeeee bubblegum. It's my drug, I chew it everyday. Ask me to blow a bubble and I'll gladly agree, i'm awesome at it. It might burst in your face so take coverrrrrrrrrr. Anythings else? Just check my blog once you free.
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Get away from me,please~ Wednesday, June 30, 2010 10:15 PM | 0 notes
I'm suffering from lack appetite recently. If you read my blog, you will know that i had diarrhea two days ago.
Even now, my stomach is getting more worse.

Gastric + Ms Red  [ gurls will know that ]

I cant even concentrated my work today, the pain was killing me. I wonder that my face turn white like ghost.

My colleague asked me : Annie, you nampak baru bangun ? Semalam tak tidur kut?

 And i just shake my head didn't answer her. I'm disrespect by no answer to her but i'm really no energy to open my mouth and answer. Body not feeling well + stay in the cold office, that's really killing me.

Went to the toilet more than 8 times (minimum) today. :(
 If you knows me well, you know that i am the person who don't like take pill. Even don't know how to swallow it. = =
This time, i really cannot "tahan" dy, asked my colleague for medicine.

 Lost my weight, can count a good news???

Our text

Me : Dar, i thin jor ... :)
  Mr J : Nvm, i will let darling fat fat..Haha XD
Me : i don't want fat fat, i want be your leng leng gurl gurl.

My bad BOY but , i like

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