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Something makes me very moody~ Saturday, January 9, 2010 12:01 AM | 0 notes
Today is my 5th days working in the office.

Everyday wake up at 7 in the morning and go for my work. Every roads in KL are very jam in the office time, i hate traffic jam. C...workin in KL have this problem.

Somethings makes me very bad mood today. Working in big office sure have some "little people", u get it???

I was just working at there only 5 days, already have this kind of problem. Actually, our office are not allowed staff to wear jeans to work. But i'm wearing, bcuz this is my 1st job in the office, i have no formal clothes to wear.

I heard someone are not happy at all. Is a auntie, her sound just like a bird. She asked a girl port to my boss that i'm wearing jeans to work. She didn't tell me straight away, she want's me get scold from boss. She have 2 faces, in front of me always smile to me, but at the back of me, talked bout my bad things. Scary man....

Is just a temporary, how com she do that to me???

Can't she use her BIG brain to think ???

Wud a crazy women???!!!!

The girl told me that she wont do that to me bcuz i'm her friend and she understand me. My sis called me dun worry bout that and dun bother bout others people. Everyone are support me.

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