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1st day of workin in office Tuesday, January 5, 2010 12:39 AM | 0 notes
Time is goin to be 1 o'clock in de midnight, bt i'm still here posting blog.

Tomorrow morning my eyes gonna same as panda. Haha, let's go back the topic. Today was my 1st day working in the lawyer office. No excited, no nervous because this is not my 1st time working at there.

When i'm form 3-4, i spent my holiday worked at there too. When i reached the office, is still same, no changes. I saw many familiar faces at there too. It's great, most of them are indians & malays. But they are so friendly. And i always give them a big smile.

Haha... Sowie gurls n boys, i will upload soon my pics to show my workin place. My 1st day of work actually was very easy, because my computer got a little bit problem so have to wait after lunch only can start my work.

Actually, I was very boring n doing nothing at there. I keep on watching the clock, but time go so slow. Finally, my LUNCH TIME. My cousin belanja us today. Good~ I have my lunch in Pizza Hut. After my lunch, i started busy dy. Tik tak Tik tak....Yeah~ clock showed 5.45 p.m, is my favourite time. Can go home and rest dy...haha

-The end-
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