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Little Penguin Princess
I love my friends truckloads okay. Just so u know, i lurrveeeeee bubblegum. It's my drug, I chew it everyday. Ask me to blow a bubble and I'll gladly agree, i'm awesome at it. It might burst in your face so take coverrrrrrrrrr. Anythings else? Just check my blog once you free.
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My Travel Diary : The Hottest Cafe in Bangkok - Mr Jones Orphanage Cafe Tuesday, March 18, 2014 1:42 PM | 0 notes

Mr Jones' Orphanage cafe, it's a hot cafe in Bangkok recently. The name itself is already very attractive. It is one of the must visit cafe in Bangkok. For those who looking an unique cafe in Bangkok, i think this cafe may can put into your list. 

I thought I've entered to a fairyland. 

There's a huge table piles with different type of cakes and cupcakes.

A closer view for cupcakes and display cakes.

Lotsa teddy bears around you. I bet as a child, everyone would have a dream of such as a place come with endless of candies, cakes, teddy bears. Mr Jones' Orphanage Cafe is definitely such a place, I think its totally worth to pay a visit. 

There are two branches in Bangkok recently (I heard that the third branch will be opening soon). Well, I'm in the main branch at Thong lor (very close to BTS station)  Another branch which is located at Siam Centre Shopping Mall, with a long wooden train tracks around the cafe. (All info get from Google) haha     

Kitkat cake but they named it as Kitkat monster cake lol

I really like the interior design of the cafe, definitely an eye opener and you will non stop taking photos inside the cafe. Such a place you cannot be missed.

The Directions

Take BTS to Thonglor station and takes a 15 minutes walk. Walk one straight road on Sukhumvit 55 and turn left into Akkhara Phat then you will see a building call "Home Place"

Mr Jones Orphanage Cafe
Add: SeenSpace Thonglor 13, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
Operating Hours : 10:00am - 12:00am

Little Penguin Princess

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