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Dinner time Tuesday, September 20, 2011 12:10 AM | 0 notes

Hey guys, I'm here again. Last Saturday, I went to Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel had dinner with family and relatives, such a small gathering. I kept my make up very fairly simple, yet sweetie Added a flower hair clip on my hair to look more femininity on it. We went to a little fun towards end of the dinner, non-stop of gossip, non-stop of laughing and jokes. Had so much fun with them, love it.

I'm so sorry if the pictures on the below make you hungry again in the midnight. Yet, it's delicious.

Choco~ Chocolate

Alright, they are sweet, don't be jealous...

I edited this picture, so my cousin and I both have cute face. (^o^)

Havin lotsa fun with them.

Outfit of the day

Chiffon love shape top from CandIce Dressing | Black Lace skirt | Sling bag from Carlorino
Vintage Brown heels 

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