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Our Journey Wednesday, February 16, 2011 5:40 PM | 0 notes
This was the second time joined my gang headed to Melakaaa. For our second time, we have to complete our mission – find out delicious food in Melaka

Hmm spoke like an epicure rite? Ahahaa…

I found out a road call '鸡场街'

Photography by - Ms Penguin


Guys, this nyonya laksa is super duper hou jiak. NICE~

Had our lunch in this shop, damm crowded at there. The weather was killing me.

The view of the bridge.

Dangdang, our group picture done

I looked so kecik man.

My babe Suki and me

LOLZ what He try to do???

This is crazy man. We lined up for almost 1 hour.

The tradisional food in Melaka - Satau Celup
I've no idea why so many people line up at outside waiting for this,
hmm I prefer the LOKLOK.

Some pictures didn't upload at here.
Because is too SLOW.
Stay tuned for my next post.

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