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Little Penguin Princess
I love my friends truckloads okay. Just so u know, i lurrveeeeee bubblegum. It's my drug, I chew it everyday. Ask me to blow a bubble and I'll gladly agree, i'm awesome at it. It might burst in your face so take coverrrrrrrrrr. Anythings else? Just check my blog once you free.
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Memories of mine.
* Happy New Year 2011 * Hmmm do you mind I contin... Gathering =) 沉思的企鹅 X'mas My X'mas Eve Let's party~ 有太多的心疼 倒数-ing 最后一科 Cost Accounting 明天我跟【你】拼了~ 考完了试,第一件事... S.I.C.K 心跳 | 在那一刻停止了

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Celebrated my new year 2011 @ Genting Sunday, January 2, 2011 1:29 PM | 0 notes
Happy New Year to my babes
said bye bye to 2010, and welcome to 2011.

A wonderful year 2010, i seem like a busy bee in my past year,
 i'll never forget the happiness happened on me.

For my 2011, i decided to changed my hairstyle. I'm bored of my long hair.
I went to Genting with my gang to celebrated New Year 2011. And how bout my babes???

My hairstylist - My beloved mummy

I the brownish colour

How sad my boy doesn't notice i had a haircut. Should i give him a thump???

My ugly face and ugly pose here.

My boy & His girl

People mountain people sea.

No fireworks on that night, the thick fog affected the sky, visibility is damm poor. They had delayed to 1.1.2011 on 8 p.m. T.T

Outdoor theme park is free to entry.

Our gang =)

The boys were acting cool there.

The girls is so sweet XD

I found a super good boyfriend in 2010,
Just like a dream,
Wish all the best in my 2011.
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