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Pissed me Off Thursday, October 14, 2010 5:22 PM | 0 notes

I would like to give a big clap for her. 
She is one of my teammate, but start from yesterday we already separate. 

What a good news. 

She is good in act in a play in front of us and i got nothing to say. She is the one who pissed me off. Before this, I tend to be tolerant and keep quite. 
Until yesterday, she revealed her true face in front of all of us. She maked her own story in front of us. This was the first time that I met this kind of people. I really get shocked. She was telling her own story to our lecturer. 

In our team included malay, chinese and indians and we don’t have any problems for the communication. And I don’t know why she always makes the troubles to us. I’m the only one didn’t quarrel with her, doesn’t means that I got no temper. Others teammates had quarrel with her before, left me. She doesn’t want to cooperate with us. What can we do? Somemore ask her sister came and find us on Tuesday night. 

Hey, come on, how old are you??? 
We are teenagers not kids anymore, cant you settle the problems by your ownself???     

 All in White formal is our team

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