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TOUGH Tuesday, April 6, 2010 12:58 AM | 0 notes
I'm working in TOUGH shop as a promoter at sat & sun onli
The 1st time become a promoter, need to learn every things at there...Phewww
I'm so lucky cuz all my colleagues are so so so friendly.

Let me introduce them...
Mika, a gurl who look kawaii with her long curl hair.
May, She looked serious when she dont smile. But actually she is cute and she like to dance ^^
Sky, a boy is same age with me. When he talk malay will become slow motion .Haha so funny la him.

They teach me every things and how to serve customers...
Now i found that Jeans have many types...such like Boot jeans, 3D cut, skinny cut and more...
All these are learn from there...^^ 

Snap this while waiting them to open shop 

This is our LOGO
So yeng neh 

Hahaaa...my colleague , SKY
Nice pic

And this is me...This spec is borrowed from SKY de
Suit me???

Both of us inside the pics

After work ,two of us keep on snapping

I looked so small in this pics...

I love them so much. 
I'm so enjoying  ^^
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