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Enjoying my free time Thursday, November 19, 2009 9:00 PM | 0 notes
Finaly, finish 3 papers
* B.M *
* B.I *
* Sejarah *

Before the first day exam, my hair was stood on end
I feel full of stress that moment
even burst in tears
I started regret why dun study hard b4 my SPM exam
Y should waste my time in form 4 year
Realized that form 4 is nt a honey-moon year
Bt is too late 2 regret nw...=.=

Thx god ,teacher gave us some ramalan questions was came out in exam.
What can i said is jz *Lucky*

First of all,
I totally gave up my SEJARAH, sit for 2.30 hours is quite boring
Bt seems 1 hour is enough 4 me 2 answer
What is stil keep in my mind jz wrote in de paper
Paper 2 was started on 2 o'clock
I looked at de clock
when it turned to 3.15 o'clock
I stop my pen n went out from de class

I hv try my best
Gambateh ^^

Let's countdown
7 papers more

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